The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program is the first professional degree for pastoral ministry which is designed to provide training in pastoral and related fields for those seeking a lifetime ministry. The Master of Divinity degree program prepares graduated students, who hold a bachelor degree in non-theological field, the opportunity for biblical, theological, historical, missiological, and practical ministry training. It also seeks to integrate ministry experiences, practical classroom instruction, and spiritual formation. Bachelor graduates need no prerequisites to enter the Master of Divinity program. A theological bachelor holder may apply for advanced standing for courses previously taken.

• Meet the general admission requirements
• Must be a professing Christian
• Demonstrate a desire for personal, spiritual formation, and/or
• Demonstrated a call to Christian ministry
• Successful completion of a bachelor degree
In a special case, students age 25 or older without prior formal education who are in a position of leadership in a church or Christian ministry may be admitted but no more than 10% of the class would consist of this category of students

Graduation Requirements
• Completed required program credits of at least 84 credit hours. A theological bachelor holder may petition for advanced standing for courses which they have previously taken at the bachelor level. However, he or she is still required to complete at least 56 graduate credit hours to meet the graduation requirements
• Earned a accumulative grade point average of 2.5 (4.0 scale)
• Satisfied a Christian ministry involvement assessment
• Satisfied a character, spiritual and ministry formation assessment

Program of Studies
This graduate program consists of 84 credit hours in biblical, theological, missiological, and practical studies.

BIBL 500 Old Testament 1
BIBL 501 Old Testament 2
BIBL 502 New Testament 1
BIBL 503 New Testament 2
THEO 501 Theology 1
THEO 502 Theology 2
CHHI 501 Church History 1
CHHI 502 Church History 2

Choose additional course(s), totaling 6 credit hours, from Biblical-Theological Studies area

MISS 505 World Missions

Choose additional course(s), totaling 3 credit hours, from Missiological Studies area

PAST 503 Spiritual Formation
PAST 515 Discipleship
PAST 570 Leadership

Choose additional course(s), totaling 6 credit hours, from Biblical-Theological Studies area

ELECTIVES (21 hr.):
Choose course(s), totaling 21 credit hours, from from general studies, vocational studies, biblical-theological studies, missiological studies, or practical theological studies.