The Bachelor of Theology (BTh) is a four-year study program designed to provide biblical, theological, historical, missiological and practical foundations for believers who are called of God and have a high school/secondary school education.

• Meet the general admission requirements
• Must be a professing Christian
• Demonstrate a desire for personal, spiritual formation and/or
• Demonstrated a call to Christian ministry
• Successful completion of a high school/secondary school education or Advanced Certificate in Bible and Theology
According to the discretion of the MEKONG, students who are older and mature candidates (age 25 or older) who have not completed high school/secondary schooling may be admitted upon successful completion of the Certificate in Bible and Theology. In a special case, students age 25 or older without prior formal education who are in a position of leadership in a church or Christian ministry may be admitted but no more than 10% of the class would consist of this category of students

Graduation Requirements
• Completed required program credits (120 credit hours)
• Earned a accumulative grade point average of 2.0 (4.0 scale)
• Satisfied a field education involvement assessment
• Satisfied a character, spiritual and ministry formation assessment

Program of Studies
This bachelor program consists of 120 credit hours in biblical studies, theological studies, historical studies, missiological studies, practical theological studies and open electives.

BIBL 100 Old Testament 1
BIBL 200 Old Testament 2
BIBL 101 New Testament 1
BIBL 201 New Testament 2
BIBL 305 Life of Christ
BIBL 315 Acts

Choose 4 courses from the following:
BIBL 325 Pentateuch
BIBL 332 Major Prophets
BIBL 335 Minor Prophets
BIBL 352 Romans
BIBL 369 Hebrews
BIBL 463 Pauline Epistles
BIBL 470 Johannine Epistles

THEO 201 Theology 1
THEO 202 Theology 2

Choose 1 course from the following:
THEO 303 Theology of Missions
THEO 318 Biblical Theology
THEO 410 Asian Theology

CHHI 201 Church History 1
CHHI 202 Church History 2

Choose 1 course from the following:
CHHI 305 History of Modern Missions
CHHI 325 History of Southeast Asian Christianity
CHHI 405 History of Thai Christianity
CHHI 428 History of Isan Christianity

MISS 105 World Missions
MISS 115 Cultural Anthropology
MISS 225 Cross-Cultural Communication
MISS 325 Church Planting

Choose 5 courses from the following:
MISS 208 World Religions
MISS 210 Folk Buddhism
MISS 315 Church Growth
MISS 320 Contextualization
MISS 403 Topics in Missiological Studies

PAST 103 Spiritual Formation
PAST 108 Evangelism
PAST 115 Discipleship
PAST 270 Leadership
PAST 270 Homiletic 1
PAST 280 Methods of Bible Study
PAST 285 Teaching

Choose 4 courses from the following:
PAST 310 Christian Family
PAST 315 Biblical Counseling
PAST 317 Music and Worship
PAST 323 Homiletic 2
PAST 330 Pastoral Ministries
PAST 340 Christian Education
PAST 405 Computer Applications
PAST 415 Media and Technology for Ministry
PAST 465 English 1
PAST 482 English 2


Total Credit Hours: 120