The Certificate in Bible & Theology (CertBT) is a one-year program designed to offer training to students who are called to Christian ministry but lack an biblical and theological training. Its goal is to prepare students for the Christian ministry and related fields of service. Upon the completion of this program, the student may continue on to the Advanced Certificate in Bible and Theology program.

• Meet the general admission requirements
• Must be a professed Christian
• Demonstrate a desire for personal, spiritual formation and/or
• Demonstrated a call to Christian ministry

Graduation Requirements
• Completed required program 30 credit hours
• Earned an accumulative grade point average of 2.0 (4.0 scale)
• Satisfied a practical ministry involvement assessment
• Satisfied a character, spiritual and ministry formation assessment.

Program of Study
This advanced certificate program consists of 21 credit hours of certificate core requirements and 9 credit hours of courses selected from biblical, theological, historical, missiological, or practical theological area, which makes up the 30 credit hours.

Old Testament 1
Old Testament 2
New Testament 1
New Testament 2
Theology 1
Theology 2
Spiritual Formation

Complete 9 credit hours in the biblical, theological, historical, missiological, or practical theological area.

Total Credit Hours: 30