The Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Leadership (PhD) is the highest academic degree, engaging students in independent research and advanced scholarship and preparing them for teaching career or specialized Christian leadership in church, missions, or ministry setting.  
1. Meet the general admission requirements
2. Must be a professed Christian
3. Demonstrate a desire for personal, spiritual formation
4. Demonstrated a call to Christian ministry, and,
5. Successful completion of the Master’s degree or equivalence.

Graduation Requirements
1. Completed required program credits of 48 credit hours for holder of Master’s degree or its equivalence.
2. Earned accumulative grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 scale)
3. Satisfied a Christian ministry involvement assessment
4. Satisfied a character, spiritual and ministry formation assessment

Study Program
This graduate program consists of 16 credit hour in doctoral core, 16 credit hour in concentration/elective and 16 credit hours in dissertation which make up the required 48 credit hours in academic studies.

Doctoral Core (16 hr.)
Spiritual Formation
Christian Leadershp
Theological Foundation
Research and Writing

Doctoral Concentration/Elective (16 hr.)
Dissertation (16 hr.)