The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MA) study program is a foundational graduate study which is designed to provide biblical, theological and practical training for Christian or church ministry, or for further study.  A theological bachelor holder may apply for advanced standing for courses taken previously.

• Meet the general admission requirements
• Must be a professing Christian
• Demonstrate a desire for personal, spiritual formation, and/or
• Demonstrated a call to Christian ministry
• Successful completion of a bachelor degre

Graduation Requirements
• Completed required program credits of at least 36 credit hours. A theological bachelor holder may petition for advanced standing for courses which they have previously taken at the bachelor level. However, he or she is still required to complete at least 36 graduate credit hours to meet the graduation requirements
• Earned a accumulative grade point average of 2.5 (4.0 scale)
• Satisfied a Christian ministry involvement assessment
• Satisfied a character, spiritual and ministry formation assessment

Program of Study
This graduate program consists of 9 coures of master’s core requirements and 3 courses of concentration, which make up the 36 credit hours.

BIBL 500 Old Testament 1
BIBL 501 Old Testament 2
BIBL 502 New Testament 1
BIBL 503 New Testament 2
THEO 501 Theology 1
THEO 502 Theology 2
CHHI 501 Church History 1
CHHI 502 Church History 2
RSCH 603 Research and Writing

PAST 503 Christian Formation
PAST 570 Christian Leadership

Select one course from the following:
BIBL 472 Hermeutics
PAST 590 Homiletics 1
PAST 583 Teaching
PAST 515 Discipleship
PAST 630 Pastoral Ministries
MISS 630 Church Planting